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I invite you  to the gallery of my ceramic works. The sculpture is part of me, it is forever inscribed in my DNA. It is something that came back years later, even though it was a long time ago  ago, I decided to end my work  artistic. The works presented here are an example of my projects. Today they are in private collections  in Europe, Scandinavia and the USA

Each job is unique.  Each work is full of feelings, emotions combined with  composition, and everything is accompanied by color. Sometimes flashy red and other times patina green.

Happens  I repeat the topic, I repeat the color, but there is no possibility  to create a second job of the same type. There are objects that are created only once.  

If you find in the gallery of sculptures that you would like to have in your collection, or you want to make a gift for a loved one, write to me ...

I invite you  also to my shop ... In the "ceramics" section you will find works that you can buy today.

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