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I invite you to the second part of my gallery - utility porcelain.  20 years of work in a Scandinavian company where functionality  is the most important thing has resulted in a collection of porcelain dishes.

The presented dishes are works carved with my hands. Each vessel is characterized by a different texture, shape and transparency. No two cups are the same. Uniqueness, delicacy, and lightness are just a few words that I would like to describe my porcelain works.

I use cobalt paint to decorate my dishes, which allows me to experiment  ornamental. I also use a pencil to create graphic decorations. But the main decorative material is gold, which is a 10% solution of real 24ct gold.

Elements of the collection are not part of the permanent assortment. From time to time there are new ideas, new proposals, and some of them simply  disappears. There are also objects that are presented only once ...

If you want to make yourself happy, give a unique gift to your friend or give a unique wedding gift, I invite you to my store in the "porcelain" section

And if you want to order more items  your product is just that  write to me ...

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